When it comes to design automation, it cannot be separated from the technology development in industry 4.0 because a significant number of industries have made an attempt to optimize the role of machines and reduce the human resources to manufacture the products. According to the Fortune Business Insights, in 2018, industrial automation in the world has reached 157.04 billion and it is expected to grow twice as much as 296.70 billion dollars in the next eight years.

The use of automation systems in the industry involves the role of artificial intelligence, IoT (Internet of Things), and Blockchain and this gives the advantages of cost and time savings. The automation system is designed in the form of an advanced system that monitors and controls the process of manufacturing the products with the computerized systems so that it can perform the repetitive tasks and functions. To run all these processes, it does not require a lot of employees because all the systems have been computerized with logical programming commands.

The term of automation in the industry was coined from the automobile industry in 1946. It describes the use of technology in terms of automatic devices to control the production system. It is said that this term is commonly used in the manufacturing context and it has grown widely in different contexts as long as it deals with the various systems used as the substitution of the manual process in a long period of time. The development of this advanced technology relies on the computer system so that a particular program should be installed in advance.

Benefits of automation system in the industry

The implementation of the automation system in the industry has gained interest among the people worldwide. This has been implemented in some sectors such as switching the telephone calls, running the manufacturing process, and many more. A wide range of implementation of automation systems is in line with the benefits that the system offers to the industry.

To sum up, here are some benefits of implementing the automation system in the industry.

1. It reduces the employee fatigue for the repetitive tasks

Most of the time, the employees are engaged with the repetitive tasks in manufacturing the products. This is very boring for quite some time so that the role of automation design implemented in the industry can be the best option to reduce fatigue. In this regard, design automation is designed in the form of the computerized system in the computer so that the employee can focus on running the advanced machine in manufacturing the products. As the systems are associated with repetitive tasks, there will be some sensors implemented in the system as control.

2. It cut out the risk of being damaged and destroyed

When the employees are exhausted due to working for a long period of time, it is important to know that it may increase the risk of the damage when manufacturing the products. Pressing the wrong button unexpectedly may lead to serious problems in the system so that the products will not be as good as it is expected. Thus, with the help of design automation, there will be no worries as employees are keeping up with the ongoing systems. The mistakes when using the systems will also cause the problem in the wrong assemblies as well.

3. It increases the efficiency

The design automation implemented in manufacturing products is believed to increase efficiency. The efficiency of the process in implementing the automation system also saves time because the programmed system can run faster than what the human does in performing similar tasks. When the industry can enhance efficiency, it also makes the industry more competitive. Due to its advantages, it is no wonder that the automation system has been greatly implemented in various kinds of industries.

4. It saves the money as much as possible

As stated before that the cost reduction may lead to an efficient process in manufacturing the products. As a matter of fact, a few industries that refuse to implement the design automation to manufacture the products. The industry owners say that investing the money for automation systems costs thousands of dollars so that they will think twice before it comes to decision. It is undeniable that spending much money at the beginning of the implementation of automation is something normal. As time passes by, industry owners will realize how cost-effective the system is in helping the process.

5. It increases the safety in manufacturing the products

In certain conditions, working in the industry for a long period of time may cause a health problem. It is inevitable so that most of the time employees will take the benefits of the protection outfits. Thanks to the design automation that helps the employees tremendously in saving more lives as they perform repetitive tasks. This has been implemented by the United States government for a long time after the release of the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

6. It is very flexible and stable in producing the products

The use of design automation in the industry is considered to increase flexibility and stability. When the employees want to implement the new task, it is said that they do not need much time to integrate it in the systems because reprogramming can be done fast with the better result in the process. This indicates that the automation system in the industry is flexible. Apart from this, it is said that this process is stable because the machine will work in a constant way, so there will be no significant changes in the product.

7. It improves the quality of the products

It is said that the design automation system which has been computerized in advance is believed to increase the quality and homogeneity of the products. In comparison to the human working workplace, there will be significant differences as humans will commit the error when producing the product with or without intention. As the industry uses this advanced technology, the performance will never be changed after many hours of working in the automated system.

In the last few years, the industry has implemented the automation system for some reason. It is said that the automation system is believed to increase efficiency, reduce cost, and enhance flexibility. The form of automation systems may vary from artificial intelligence until the use of the internet of things. With all the implementation of those advanced technologies, there will be no serious problem in manufacturing the products to distribute to the market.

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