What is Computational Design?

Computers are widely used in various fields, especially in industry. All things can be easily done with the help of computers ranging from designing to produce a clear picture with a variety of complete information contained in it. Computer technology helps images to look more realistic. With a variety of software available, a design can be displayed easily with a 3D display that provides a realistic picture  to the design. Therefore, it will be easier to carry out calculations and various design analyzes. The use of computer software can help many architects and designers to produce works more effectively. The use of tools like Rhino, Sketch and AutoCAD helps to draw sketches more easily. Computational Design will be very useful for architects in producing various designs.

Computational Design is to use computational technology in making designs by matching them with an algorithm. The use of technology to create a work will help a lot in creating more efficient designs. Previously, the design was made manually where everything was made according to estimates with previous experience and intuition of designers . The software that helps in the design process makes it easy to shape or combine design with the advanced technology in it. In producing a design, all aspects will be considered from stability, strength, comfort to aesthetics. The existence of an algorithm allows it to be able to produce images that are automatically arranged with special instructions. By using computational design, it is easy to make designs accompanied by more specific steps for more effective designs.

Tools used in Computational Design

Using Computational Design can provide important information for building, machine and even arts. Its use can help to provide better 3D visuals by considering various things including the existing constraints. There are several computational design tools used for design software such as Rhino, Revit and Microstation. There are some Computational Design tools that will be described below.

Basically every software has tools that may be different from each other, but basically the same usability is to produce a quality design. The oldest computational tools are Generative Components that are suitable for Microstation software released in 2007.

Grasshopper is 3D modeling software by Robert MCNeel and Associates. Is a computational design tool that is suitable for Rhino Modeling. Grasshopper is very popular because of its ease of use to produce quality construction. In addition, Grasshopper has been around for more than eight years and has an extensive library of nodes for free use.

Dynamo is also a computational design tool that can be used for Revit for free or can stand alone which is the paid version. This Autodesk visual programming tool is increasingly popular and increasingly known for various uses as nodes are increasingly developed by the active community.

Marionette is one of the great computational design tools produced by Vectorworks. Although relatively new compared to existing tools, the popularity of Marionette has also increased. Built directly into Vector 16, Marionette can be a powerful computational design tool for software that is connected to it.

Benefits of Computational Design

Using computational design can produce 3D models to be able to analyze, test and make a number of changes needed to perfect the design. In addition, the use of an algorithm can be used to test designs that have been created with a 3D visual display. Previously, the use of traditional ways of making designs had limitations to make a proper assessment because most use intuition, by using computational design, there are many designs that can be designed at this time that were previously not possible or even impossible to make. By using computer software that is equipped with artificial intelligence, designing will be easier and can certainly provide a more optimal design. Computational design can provide many benefits including:

Make more designs

With smart technology that is owned, designing becomes easier by providing the desired criteria. Architecture is one of the objects that uses computational design. By using computational design tools such as Grasshopper that are connected to Rhino, make sketching can be easier. Using 3D modeling, it helps architects to be able to test and analyze various possibilities and existing constraints. You can even design a unique building more effectively.

Use of more effective machines

The use of computational designs can be applied to find out how the machine works. By utilizing the algorithm, the machine is expected to achieve maximum work results. The benefits of computational design of a factory will provide benefits, especially in terms of production. Machine performance can be improved by using computer programs that have been designed in such a way as to optimize work results.

Can estimate more realistically

When designing a building, there are many important factors to think about. To truly provide a design that is not only good but still of quality, testing is an important thing that should not be missed. By using computational design testing tools can be done to provide estimates related to the feasibility and constraints that might be encountered. Basically the design created can provide a more real picture that is in accordance with logic, but the design created is an alternative for you to do the test before you actually apply the actual design. Using computational design will give you new ideas to complement your design.

Simplify design

The ease of design is the most sought after by using computational design. Designing can be done more efficiently with the convenience provided by given more specific instructions. Improving the design or making changes to it can be done more freely.

Best Computational Design Sevices in Melbourne

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Using computational design can help to design more easily and efficiently. By using artificial intelligence, the resulting design can be optimized by providing options that can be selected. Conducting analysis and application can be done more realistically. The existence of computational design tools makes it easier for designers or architects to create designs with the instructions given more specifically. Doing estimates with intuition when designing has now changed with the existence of 3D models to be able to determine obstacles or new ideas that can improve higher quality designs. You will get many benefits using computational design from easier to design to multiple design. With computational design, challenges in designing can have more realistic solutions.


What is computational design?

In general, computational design means the applications of the computational strategies to the design process

What is the benefit of using computational design in the engineering industry?

The overall benefits is to improves the design process to make it more efficient and generate more results that would be impossible to create in any other way

How does computational design work in the engineering industry?

Same as others design tools, computational design works by processing all elements to generate best results in structural, functional, aesthetic for the engineering industry.

What tools that most people used for computational design?

Most of people used CAD software for computational design

Is there anything that only can be done by computational design?

Yes. Computational design allows us to break through these barriers and produce responsive virtual models to do what brain power might can’t do.

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