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DEG’s team create codes and scripts to automate tasks within your business’s processes. Automation services are specific to your project. Design automation and computational design eliminates repetitive tasks. This allows designers to be more price competitive with the services they offer. Computational design and design automation also allows designers to automate boring repetitive tasks, and allow more time and energy on unique challenges specific to a project.Please contact our team for more information.


4D design through animated construction sequences and stages. Communicate traffic management plans through videos, at different design stages. Illustrate coordination of material lay-down area for space-restricted sites. Leverage BIM workflow for on-site construction management. DEG use BIM to improve constructibility and safety during the construction phase. Leverage digital construction and enjoy the benefits that your construction team and clients will experience as a result.


Improve asset management with fully integrated BIM models. Tag information and data to your model, for a central asset management point. Digital engineering can provides benefits to your project for the complete asset life-cycle.

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Digital Engineering Group is one of the Best leading companies that focus on automatic design technology and service in Melbourne. This company has several valuable services that help companies to manage their businesses well.

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